First time experience at Sky Zone Indoor trampoline park

Hey! How are you all? Today we bring you the experience shared by one SkyZoner. He experienced SkyZoning for the first time in his life at Sky Zone indoor trampoline park.

Experience of the SkyZoner in his own words:

“Hi Sky Zone,

First of all, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us a unique form of entertainment. I have never seen or experienced something like it in my life.

Skyzone First Jump

It was my first time visit to Skyzone and I was very anxious at the start as I wasn’t aware how to jump on a trampoline. My first jump was a disaster as you can see in the image below. But the court monitor explained how it is done and gave me few instructions and tips to follow while jumping.

I followed his instructions and I was able to jump properly. For few minutes my tummy felt funny and I was experiencing the sensation of falling from some height but once my anxiety has faded I was able to jump very freely.

Skyzone Foam Zone

Jumping in Sky zone free style was one hell of an experience, every time I bounced and reached the heights I felt like flying in the air. At the extreme height of my jump I experienced an unknown feeling as if I’m neither falling nor flying but just floating like astronauts in space. It was enthralling and I couldn’t control myself from shouting. And within 10 minutes I was sweating heavily and my heart was pounding real hard as if I just a marathon.

The foam zone and warrior course were great too. Overall, I was overwhelmed by the joy and fun I had at Sky zone. I was tired in 30 minutes, so I left for the day. But I’ll be back again soon.

Thank you!”

We are glad to see such a warm writing from our SkyZoner. You could come and experience the same at our Sky Zone indoor trampoline park, the only fun fitness park in Hyderabad.

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