From Entry till Exit in Sky Zone Hyderabad

Hey Skyzoners! How are you all doing? Today we bring you the complete process from entry till exit in Sky Zone Hyderabad. This explains about process and steps that happen from the moment you enter the park till you exit.

From entry till exit in Sky Zone Hyderabad:


We understand many of you travel in your own vehicles and worry there might be parking issue. But don’t worry, we have a vast space dedicated for four wheeler and two wheeler parking. Once you are done parking your vehicle walk into the world of trampolining.


skyzone check in counter

You’ll be warmly greeted by our staff and will be asked few personal details. Don’t panic..;) 😛 We don’t dig deep, we only need  your name and few other details to identify you. Once your personal details are noted you will be asked to fill out a waiver form.

Waiver Form:

waiver ticket

A waiver form says about various details which Sky Zone indoor trampoline park is responsible and also not responsible for.


timestamp sticker

Once you are done with your waiver form, you will be asked to choose the duration of the jump you are planning to and accordingly you will be asked to pay the amount. Once paid, a sticker will be generated with a timestamp of the duration you have paid for. You have to wear this sticker anywhere on the body and has to be submitted while leaving the park.



To give you the ultimate experience of trampolining, Sky Zone has custom designed socks with added grip to make your jumps easy. Only these socks are allowed on the park floor. There are lockers and racks provided to keep your valuables and shoes.


You are eligible to enjoy all the activities in the park without any restrictions. Except the toddlers area, which you can’t use if you are an adult. 😉 There are many attractions in Sky Zone like Free style,  Foam zone, Warrior course, Sky Slam, Sky Joust etc.,. And if you are a group, sky zone’s ultimate dodgeball is a must try.

Court Monitors:

Sky zone has dedicated court monitors to help you. They will provide you with instructions on how to jump, how to land safely and do other activities in the park. These monitors will keep an eye on your activities making sure you follow the instructions.


Once you are exhausted and decide that you had enough fun in the park, head over to the welcome counter. Submit your sticker and our staff will see if you exceeded the duration you have paid for. If you did, you’ll be asked to pay for the extra duration.

The process from entry till exit in sky zone Hyderabad is very simple and hassle free. We hope you will have a great time whenever you visit Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park.

Happy SkyZoning!

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