Benefits of SkyZoning at Sky Zone trampoline park

To know what is SkyZoning check our previous blog. Here we’ll be sharing the benefits of SkyZoning at Sky Zone trampoline park. Hey SkyZoners, we all know and agree that SkyZoning is one of the best and fun filled activity to do. But do you know there are many health benefits of SkyZoning? SkyZoning is often complimented as one of the best and most effective exercises you can do. NASA has said that “rebound exercise is the most efficient,effective form of exercise yet devised by man.” It is a low-impact workout that tones muscles and improves co-ordination.

Let’s jump in to know the health benefits:

Cardiovascular Fitness:

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NASA’s study says 10 minutes of SkyZoning is a better cardiovascular workout than 30 minutes of running. And to add to that SkyZoning is far more enjoyable than running in circles. Doesn’t that sound like a great way of doing an exercise? It does to me.

Low-Impact Exercise:

Though SkyZoning is a very intense activity it provides your body with a complete workout reducing the risk of injury to your joints, especially in your ankles and knees as the jumping mat absorbs almost 80% of the shock from rebound. Unlike jogging or running, where the shock impacts the muscles resulting in increased chances of hamstrings and ligament injuries.

Muscle Toning and Posture:

SkyZoning improves your muscle tone as constant jumping reduces the body fat percentage. Regular SkyZoning can also help improve posture as your core-stability muscles are almost frequently engaged to keep you stable and balanced resulting in a stronger stomach and lower back

Improved Bone Strength:

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SkyZoning repeatedly puts the musculoskeletal system under slight stress which allows your bones to become stronger to cope with the pressure of rebound. As the trampoline pad absorbs most of the impact, your bones and joints are less prone to injuries while you exercise. This reduces the risk of bone conditions like brittle bone disease and osteoporosis.

Stress Buster:

SkyZoning is often termed as one of the best stress relieving activities. Regular jumping increases the amount of endorphins released in our brain which help in reducing anxiety and stress.

Not just these, there are many more benefits of SkyZoning at Sky Zone trampoline park. Come to Sky Zone, the only fun fitness park in Hyderabad, and change the way you experience fun and fitness.

Happy SkyZoning!

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