Trampoline Interesting facts

Interesting Facts about Trampolines

Have you ever wondered where these trampolines came from? Who created them? Did you know that trampolining is a Olympic sport? If you don’t, then jump in to read interesting facts about trampolines.

Interesting facts about trampolines:

Where did trampolines come from and who created them?

If you love trampolining or SkyZoning like our SkyZoners fondly call it, then you have to thank “George Nissen” – a gymnast who invented the trampoline and made it a recreational and competitive sport worldwide.

Fun things about Trampoline

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He got the idea of creating a trampoline while observing the performers in a circus, who fall on the safety net after completing their stunts in the air. He thought if there was a mechanism that helps the performers to rebound after falling, then they can do more stunts. And after few years of efforts, he created the first ever trampoline.

Trampolining is a Olympic sport:

Yes, trampolining is a Olympic sport. Olympics has a separate category for trampolining activity where athletes and gymnasts perform various acrobatics by bouncing on trampolines.

Trampolining also has its own championship games like world trampoline championship, European championship etc., held by International Trampoline Federation.

Mechanism of trampoline: The science of trampolining

Okay! It is time for a little bit of physics lesson. Trampolining is a fun sport but there is also lot of science involved in it. Did you know that your each jump on a trampoline is associated to two great, longstanding and very important laws in Physics?

1) Newton’s third law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. – Bouncing happens only when you jump on the trampoline. So, once you jump on it with dome force, the trampoline pushes you with an equal force justifying the third law of motion.

Fun facts about trampoline

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2) Hooke’s law: Length of extension of a solid is proportional to the Force you put to extend it.Trampolines are made up of springs attached to the edges of a fabric which you will jump on. Bouncing is caused only by these springs. When you are jumping on the trampoline with some force, you are causing the springs to extend justifying Hooke’s law. And this law combined with Newton’s third law of motion will make you go flying in the air.

See, science is not always hard. It is actually fun and helps us to create many recreational activities. 😉 😛

Health Benefits:

Trampolining is considered to be a very high impact and low intensity activity. Like NASA said “rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man”, trampolining is used as a workout to burn calories, lose weight, tone muscles and improve co-ordination.

You can read more about the benefits here:

Trampoline facts

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