Paintball in Sky Zone indoor trampoline park

Hey Sky zoners! How are you all doing today? Today we are going to talk about Paintball in Sky Zone indoor trampoline park. Paintball is a new addition to the existing list of attractions in our park. Tollywood hero Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja has launched this new game recently.


What is Paintball?

Paintball is a shooting game. A compressed air gun called “Paintball marker”, is used to shoot targets and round dye filled gelatin capsules are used as bullets. These capsules break upon hitting the target, creating a color splash.


Paintball is a forty year old game, initially developed for recreational purposes. Now, it evolved into a competitive sport across globe where many professional teams and players come together and play in tournaments.

Military, police and other security organizations use paintball to train the new candidates and also as a test for the existing ones.

Paintball in Sky Zone indoor trampoline park:

Similar to professional tournaments the gun and the bullets used are same but Paintball in Sky Zone indoor trampoline park is slightly different.


Sky Zone has dedicated an area for paintball in addition to the other attractions. The target area will have multiple lights and these lights are turned on one at a time randomly. All you have to do is aim and shoot the lights.

Guests can choose from two of the below packages we are offering:

15 shots – Rs. 250/- + 18% GST

10 shots – Rs. 200/- + 18% GST

We will give a paintball gun loaded with the number of shots according to the package chosen by the guest.

Shoot all you want and paint them with colors playing Sky Zone Paintball.

Happy Sky zoning!

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