RC Car Racing in Sky Zone Hyderabad

Hello SkyZoners, How are you all? Do you all know how exciting the RC Car racing in Sky Zone Hyderabad is? Today we bring forward to you the experience of RC Car racing shared by one of our park’s guest.

If you are not familiar, RC Car racing is one of the attractions we offer for our guests along with other trampolining activities. Let’s see what our guest has got to share:

My Experience of RC Car Racing in Sky Zone Hyderabad:

“Since my childhood, toy cars always fascinated me. Those miniature versions of real-life cars were very beautiful to look at and were very exciting to play with. I bought many sets of cars in different colors and models at Rs. 10/- each (These prices were back in late 90’s 😛 ) I used to dig the ground in our backyard and make roads and parking spaces for these toy cars. Imagining all crazy scenarios I used to play for hours making all weird sounds and stunts.

I used to do all these stunts and movements with the car in my hand. As I grew up, I came to know about remote controlled cars and it was time to bug my parents to buy me one. My wish was granted after few good lashings and finally, I was the owner of an RC car that looked like a Benz car. This crazy car ran on batteries had a wired controller. It goes forward and reverse with different buttons and a steering button to do crazy turns. This was my favorite car for a long time.

Then I grew up, completed my studies, got busy with my job and completely forgot about the fun I used to have with toy cars. I guess it happened to almost to all of us.

What happened in Sky Zone Hyderabad?

Things changed when I visited Sky Zone recently. I heard a lot about this trampoline park from various friends and wanted to try it. To my surprise, they also had RC car Racing in Sky Zone Hyderabad, which was something I never expected to see there.

Skyzone Rc Car

And kaboom! My memories of toy cars started popping like crackers in my head. They have wireless RC mini cars that can run at great speeds and a race track. Instead of jumping on trampolines, I paid for the RC car and spent my time playing quite a few laps.

It was one of the best and fun experiences I had in recent times and I’ll be revisiting just for these crazy RC cars.

Skyzone Race Car

Thank you Sky Zone Hyderabad.”

We are very proud of the kind of experience we are delivering to our guest and this post is a proof of that.

You too can have the ultimate fun by visiting us.

Come SkyZone with us!

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