Sky Golf in Sky Zone

Hello to all the wonderful Sky Zoner’s reading this! How are you all doing? Today we bring you yet another fun filled activity. We present to you Sky Golf in Sky Zone indoor trampoline park. Sky Golf in Sky Zone is the newest addition to the list of fun filled attractions you might have already enjoyed. Let us get to know more about the game.

What is Golf?

Golf is a club and ball game in which players use clubs to hit the balls. It doesn’t use any standardized playing area. So, you can play it anywhere as long as you have holes to put the ball into.
Golf, often called as gentleman’s game, is one of the oldest games in the history. While golf is usually played with 18 holes in regular and professional games, a recreational golf game with 9 holes, called mini golf, is created for everyone’s convenience and fun.

What is Mini Golf?

Mini golf is just like its parent game but only with a small playing area with the target of putting the balls into the holes. These mini golf courses are artificially made with various obstacles to make the game interesting  as much as the parent game.

Skyzone Golf

Sky Golf in Sky Zone:

Sky Zone has created Sky golf, a 9 hole mini golf course, to deliver ultimate fun to you. This course is made as per American standards. It is one of the very few mini golf courses available in Hyderabad and .

Skyzone Sky Golf


You can enjoy Sky Golf at a very reasonable price. The current price is just Rs. 300/- for all the 9 holes course. This is a price per person per game. So pay once, play all 9 holes and have ultimate fun.
Sky golf is a standalone game hence it is not included in Sky Zone’s jump time. So, if you are a lover of golf, you can just come and enjoy.

In conclusion, May the gentleman’s game deliver ultimate fun to you.

Happy Sky zoning!

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