Sky Zone Best Practices

Hey SkyZoners, safety is the utmost priority thing in Sky Zone. To ensure safety and deliver the best experience to amateurs as well as experienced jumpers Sky Zone indoor trampoline park has setup instructors who’ll always accompany you and make sure all your needs are met.¬†From our years of experience, we have made the list of Sky Zone best practices for you to make the most out of your time in Sky Zone and make sure you are safe.

Walk around and get a feel of the trampoline:

A trampoline has different tensions in different places, so the first time you get on to a trampoline square in Sky Zone, take a walk on it fully and after a while you’ll realize that that the most bouncy part is in the middle of the square.

Skyzone Skyline

SkyZoning (jumping on trampoline):

Just like you on ground, trampoline jump is same. You bend your knees a bit, push the ground firmly with your feet and up you go in the air. When you are landing, slightly bend your knees to avoid the entire impact on them.

Be patient while SkyZoning:

Before attempting any moves on trampolines, learn to jump up and down with perfect control. Once you have the control of your jumping and landing you can slowly learn to do twists, flips and other types of jumps.

Don’t jump too high before having enough experience:

The higher you jump, the more time you’ll get to make a proper move. But without enough experience there’s a chance for error as small shift in your balance might result in bad landing and in turn causing injuries.

Skyzone Free Style

Be flexible:

To be a good SkyZoner your body has to be flexible while SkyZoning. Before getting on trampoline stretch your hamstrings, feet, ankles, shoulders, neck and lower back. These small stretching will ease your body and jumping becomes much easier and it will be less likely for you to pick up an injury.

Please keep these in mind every time you visit us. Happy Skyzoning!


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