Sky Zone indoor trampoline park attractions

Hello SkyZoners, How high are you feeling today? In case you are feeling anything than high, visit Sky Zone indoor trampoline park– a unique fun fitness park, to boost your mood.

Check out these crazy attractions designed specifically to give the best experience to our SkyZoners.

Sky Zone Attractions:

Freestyle Jump:

The first step to start your SkyZoning journey, freestyle jump brings you wall-to-wall trampoline courts where you can let yourself free and have fun. Start slowly, learn the techniques of trampolining and enjoy all the activities.

Foam Zone:

Foam Zone
Want to fly in the air without any fear? Want to do flips without the worry of falling badly? Defy gravity in our Foam Zone. Make your hangouts thrilling by jumping, flying, flipping and landing in a huge pool of foam squares without any worries.

Sky Slam:

A unique mix of Basket ball and SkyZoning, Our Sky Slam court will give a new dimension of adventure. Push your limits and explore the possibilities! Hoops of different heights accommodate jumpers of all sizes. Be ready to rock the rim and experience the thrill!

Sky Ladder:

Are you up for a fun balance challenge? Sky Ladder will give you the chance to get off your feet and climb the ladder to the top. If you fall, then don’t worry, you will fall into the pool of foam squares beneath you. Get up and try again!

Sky Joust:

Knock your counter-part off their feet to reign supreme. Sky Joust is a gladiator-style combat which takes place on pedestals over a foam pit. If you can keep your balance, you’ve still got to knock the other contestants off of theirs pedestals to be the winner.

Ultimate Dodge ball:
Skyzone Dodge Ball

Add a new jump to the dodge ball with Sky Zone! We have great trampoline courts for a game like never before. It offers you a unique experience of playing and jumping, both at the same time, exclusively available at Sky Zone indoor trampoline park!


Want to challenge yourself with a balance test? Sky Zone offers one-of- a kind experience wherein, you have to balance your way across the Sky Line – a millimeter thin raised slack line. Balance your way across the entire thing, step by step, without falling.

Warped Wall:

Challenge yourself and take over the tricky curved Warped Wall! Sky Zone introduces platforms of different heights for you to conquer. Ignite the athlete in you and achieve new heights!

The Warrior Course:

Skyzone Warrior Course
Enter a jumper. Exit a warrior. For persons of any size or ability, the Warrior Course will put your abilities to the test. Take on a variety of obstacles in a test of speed, strength, and agility. Go for a personal record or dominate your friends. Bring out the warrior spirit in you.

Glow Zone:

We’re different after dark. Everything you did in Sky Zone during the day takes a completely new shape during night. Filled with illuminating prismatic lights all around, GLOW brings you the ultimate experience of Sky Zone indoor trampoline park. Let’s put some GLOW on your face.

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