Sky Zone Summer Carnival

This summer, beat the heat in a fun and crazy way. Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline brings you the fun filled Sky Zone summer carnival. Jump in to know more about it.

From childhood, after schooling has started, summer holidays have always been very exciting in our lives. We always look forward to this period in an year. Summer holidays are the most ideal time for family vacations, summer camps, travel to relatives homes and many other things.

Summer bring a great joy along with a great heat. Due to the increased temperatures in recent times, taking vacations or going out to play games has become a very difficult task. Also there’s a great risk of sun stroke and dehydration for both kids and adults when they do something in an open area. The only alternative to avoid these risks is to either sit at home or go watch a movie, both aren’t much fun to do daily.

Skyzone Fun

Considering all these, Sky zone indoor trampoline park has come up with an idea to serve the bored public with a unique and crazy entertainment. Sky Zone summer carnival has been designed to beat the summer heat and the boredom of sitting at home. This carnival brings you great packages ranging over a span of one to two months, which you can use to make the best of all the activities in Sky Zone.

Chill Summer Package:

Priced at Rs. 10,000/- this package offers 10 hours of access to all the crazy sky zone activities with a validity of one month.

Freeze Summer Package:

Priced at Rs. 18,000/- this package offers 20 hours of unlimited fun at sky zone, which have a validity of two months.

Frost Summer Package:

Priced at Rs. 20,000/- this ultimate package offers 24 hours of nonstop fun at sky zone, which have a validity of two months.


All these packages are inclusive of GST which makes them the most value for the money you spend. Also there are special discounted hourly prices only during these summer carnival days. Check out our website for more details.

Say good bye to the boredom of getting into the same old routine summer camps. Sky zone Hyderabad invites you to explore the fun and crazy summer carnival created just for you. No age restrictions to be a part of this craziness. Come, do something crazy this summer. Come Skyzone with us.

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