Sky Zone’s tribute to the Master of Universe

This is Sky Zone’s tribute to the Master of Universe. No matter what you believe, you can’t deny the fact that science is a major factor in advancement of humans. And science has a funny way of progression, a progression intertwined with theoretical and experimental concepts; the two most contrast concepts in science.

People often think that experimental concepts are far more effective than theoretical because theory is nothing but an explanation or an idea created about some generalized concept. But, science says and proves otherwise. It is clearly evident in history that many theories have actually been proven right experimentally. One such great example is the concept of ‘photoelectric effect‘ which won Nobel prizes to the great Albert Einstein for thesis and Robert Millikan for his experiments.

All this shows that theoreticians, though not always right, are equal contributors to the advancements of science. Among the greatest theoreticians in the history of science, one such is Stephen William Hawking, a theoretical physicist who despite suffering from ALS at a very young age, has defied the odds of scientific theories and statistics of survival rates and created an ocean full of theories and concepts that proved very valuable to theoretical physics.

Hawking is fondly called as the “Master of Universe”. He never backed down from his beliefs and his fight against the life threatening disease he was facing. Despite ALS paralyzing his entire body neck down and restraining him to wheelchair, he wrote the most popular science book ever “A brief history of time”, which took both the science readers and general readers by storm.

There is so much to talk about the man who chose to write the history of time rather than just a part of it. But we decided to keep this Sky Zone’s tribute to the Master of Universe short and simple.

Dear Mr. Hawking,

We thank you for your contributions. You are an inspiration for aspiring theoretical physicists, ALS patients and science lovers across globe. Your demise has created a black hole on this earth. We hope and we wish your death is a mere incident of you leaving this dimension and travelling to a different one proving your thesis on black holes and multiverse.

With saddened hearts,

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tribute to the Master of Universe

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