World Jump Day

Something big is coming to Sky Zone Hyderabad

As we announced few days ago, something big is coming to Sky Zone Hyderabad this July. Did you guess what the big thing is? Did you find it after our recent clue? Let us see, if you got it right or wrong. It is time for the big reveal.

The big thing going to happen in Sky Zone this July is the WORLD JUMP DAY. Buckle up SkyZoners, World Jump Day is arriving on 20th of this July. It is a massive event going to happen across all Sky Zone branches around the globe on the same day.


World Jump Day was an event that started as a hoax. Few people created a site and announced their plan to shift the orbit of Earth in order to stop global warming. They planned to achieve this by having 600 million people jump in the air at the same time on July 20, 2006. All in all, World jump day was supposed to be a joke by some German artists, but it has become an event ever since. Now this massive event happens every year on the 20th of July.

World Jump Day in Sky Zone:

Jump in skyzone

What’s best place to celebrate this crazy global event than Sky Zone? – the best place for jumping, having ultimate fun and making wonderful memories. This year we have planned to celebrate World Jump Day in a big manner with you all. So, we are bringing you an irresistible offer.

Sky Zone is bringing you the Rs.200/- discount offer. Buy one jump ticket and get Rs.200/- instant off. This crazy offer is valid between 12 PM and 5 PM on 20th of July only.

This is going to be one of the biggest upcoming events in Hyderabad 2018. Don’t miss this great chance, bring along your friends and make this event a massive success.

Winner of the Contest:


It is time to announce the winner of the contest “Something big is coming to Sky Zone Hyderabad this July“. And the winner is “Rohith VarSh“. Rohith VarSh has correctly guessed the answer and won two jump vouchers. Looking forward to see you in the best event of all Hyderabad events.

Have fun. Fly Safe. Happy SkyZoning!

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