Things to do around Sky Zone Hyderabad

Things to do around Sky Zone Hyderabad

Sky Zone Hyderabad is the one and only crazy trampoline park in Hyderabad. The ones who already visited Sky Zone know there are many attractions one could do. Located in Gandipet, easily accessible from the city, it has become the most sought after fun destination in Hyderabad.

You can spend a day easily in Sky Zone having loads of fun. But if you are planning to do multiple things, then go through this blog to know various interesting things to do around Sky Zone Hyderabad.

Things to do around Sky Zone Hyderabad:

Ocean Park:

Ocean ParkSource:

An amusement park, first of its kind in Hyderabad, entertaining people from ages. Ocean Park is full of water rides offering fun to all ages. It also has many dry rides and some crazy activities like Bumping cars, Rope Way etc.

Chilkoor Balaji Temple:

Chilkoor Balaji TempleSource:

A popular devotional destination for many Hyderabadies. Located in a peaceful and pollution free area, Chilkoor Balaji temple is very famous for people who are applying for Visas. Because of this fame, it is popularly known as the “Visa Balaji Temple.”

Sky Lounge Drive-in:

Sky Lounge

A multi-restaurant drive-in situated right next to Sky Zone Hyderabad,serves with loads of tasty food items and delicious beverages. You could relax here after doing all the crazy activities in Sky Zone trampoline park.

Mrugavani National Park:

Mrugavani National ParkSource:

A huge park mainly famous for the deer and loads of greenery. Easily accessible and reachable from the city, this place is very scenic and peaceful. This park is a great place for both families and couples who want to spend quality time with their loved without being disturbed.

Himayat Sagar Lake:

Himayat Sagar LakeSource:

If you plan to spend time watching the sun setting over a beautiful lake then look no other place than Himayat Sagar lake. A lake with beautiful views, chirping birds and cool breeze will help you relax and rejuvenate. Go alone or with family of with your loved ones and spend a relaxing evening.

These are few of the great things to do around Sky Zone Hyderabad. These places are very near to each other and are easily accessible from the city.

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