Things to do in Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park

Hello SkyZoners, How are you feeling today? Summer has started and so is the season of holidays for kids and students. But not many of us have the privilege of vacation because of our day jobs. So, what can we do this summer? Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park brings forward to you the things you can do in the park.

Things to do in Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park:

Sky Zone has many activities to keep you entertained all throughout the day. Once you step into our amazing trampolining world, time just flies. Here are few crazy activities you can do while you are at Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park.

RC Car Racing:

RC Car Racing

Whether you are a kid or an adult, I can say many of us always fancied the remote controlled car racings shown on television. In fact, many of us might have bought RC cars in childhood. Now, get engrossed in that nostalgia with Sky Zone’s RC Car racing. We have miniature versions of crazy cars designed especially for racing. Mini car racing. Mighty fun gaming.

Freestyle Jump:

freestyle jump

The first step to start your Sky Zoning journey. A vast open space full of trampoline squares, where you can jump freely and try all kinds of flips. This is the place where you can learn the techniques of trampolining.

Ultimate Dodgeball: 

ultimate dodge ball

Remember the similar game we used to play as kids in school? Where you grab the ball and hit your friends and then they grab the ball and try to hit others? Dodge ball is very similar but here you’ll be doing the exact same thing in trampoline court divided as two teams. Grab the ball, hit your rival team members and win the ultimate game.

Foam Zone:

foam pit

As a kid many of us definitely wanted to fly. I remember me and my friends stretching out hands and running madly making sounds of an aero plane. Do you still want to fly like a bird in the air without any fear of falling and hurting yourself? Then foam zone is the only option for you. You can jump, fly, flip and land in a huge pool of foam squares without any worries.

These are few of the crazy activities you can do Sky Zone Hyderabad. To know more about other exciting activities like Sky Slam, Sky Ladder, Sky Joust, Skyline, Warped Wall, The Warrior Course and Glow Zone check out our blog post “Attractions of sky zone

Given the high temperatures, outdoor activities are not good for your health and beauty as well. The best thing to do is spend times at an indoor place where you can have ultimate fun combined with fitness.

Come Sky Zone with us. Happy Skyzoning!

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