Unique Hangout places in Hyderabad

Sky zone indoor trampoline park comes with a new blog post. We bring you the unique hangout places in Hyderabad where you can have a great time and ultimate fun with your loved ones.

We all know spending time with family, friends and the special ones is a very important thing in life. Given how busy we are with our careers, jobs and personal lives, taking time to hangout with friends and family has become difficult.

Even when we find the time, we choose a regular restaurant or a regular mall or a movie. Because of the busy schedules, it has become tough to find a good and unique place to spend quality time.

We at Sky Zone observed this and thought it would be a good idea to list out the unique hangout places in Hyderabad which will help you.

Let’s jump in:

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park:

foamzone in skyzone

Unique places are all about the unique way you spend time and have fun. And one of those crazy and unique places offering ultimate experience is Sky Zone. Located in Gandipet, this is India’s first indoor trampoline park with so many activities to do. Trampolining is one of the most memorable and exhilarating activity you could do in life. Refer to this experience to know what it feels like to be at Sky Zone (MY EXPERIENCE AT SKY ZONE).

Snow World:

snow world lower tank bund hyderabad amusement parks

Ever expected in your life to see snow in Hyderabad? I know no one ever can imagine that happening in a place like this. Hold your thoughts there, what if I tell you there is a world full of snow in this city? Sounds very strange and curious right? Well, Snow World is the place for you. A unique hangout spot in Hyderabad with many snow activities to do along with snowfall in every session.

Dialogue in the Dark:

Dialogue in The Dark

Remember the nights, when there was no power, how we used to spend time chitchatting with family and friends? Makes you smile and nostalgic right?

Dialogue in the dark is something exactly like that but there won’t be any candles too. It is one of the unique experiences where visitors are guided in absolute darkness by blind guides.

Every experience in your daily environments of your life like walking in the park, visiting a cafe can be experienced in a unique way. Daily routines become very exciting and the sighted becomes blind while the blind become the sighted.

These places don’t take much of your time. All you need is around 2 hours to enjoy these. 2 hours might look like a very small duration, but I can assure you these places will definitely make your time most worthy.

There are many more unique hangout places in Hyderabad that didn’t make this list because you need to have at least half day to enjoy them. And we’ll publish about them soon.


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